Kenneth just opened NEW 8880 Sq Ft Studio

Kenneth just opened NEW 8880 Sq Ft Studio - www.instudiophoto.com

A before video of our new studio to be remodeled

Utah, May 31th.
Today I had my good friend David from David Perry Films visiting our new Studio to be.
I wanted to have it filmed before we do all the remodeling and get pictures etc up. Want to document all stages.
Make a cool promo video for when we open, for blog etc etc.
The video will give you an idea of what to come. It is 8880 Sq Ft ( about 825 Sq Mts ).
I will keep you updated.


PhotoInjection 2008, European Tour

New exciting Wedding Galleries added

7 pages plus cover in PPA magazine "Professional Photographer"

Album From Prague Workshop Now Available!

We got 15 pictures from The Prague Workshop

Hot New Wedding Album Now Available!

After years of searching we can now offer a wedding album to our wedding line which allows us to combine our ultra-modern "Lifestyle" wedding photography with our classical wedding photography——giving you the best of both worlds! To view more "Lifestyle" wedding pictures, click on the picture below. To book your wedding, click on Contact Us to your left, or call 1-800-431-2950 / 1-801-221-1100.

I love the intimacy of the relationships contrasted with the majesty of the
synagogue in this shot taken at the completion of the wedding ceremony of
Miss Elizabeth Gold and Mr. Charles L. Kaufman at
the New West End Synagogue, London W1.

«The Wedding Guests»